Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Swan Lake Birthday

My girl is a true ballerina. She loves ballet so much and dance beautifully for someone her age. When, she asked me if she could invited some of her friends for her 5th birthday, I said "yes" and that we should make a "swan lake birthday party" theme. It was suppose to be a tiny and very intimate party with 6 of her closest friends, but somehow the guest list added up and it went double (though still considered a small party).

Mommy was the party planner and decorator, Daddy was the chef, Cie-Cie Angel made the birthday cake & homemade cookies, Xi-Xi Lusi decorated the cupcakes and everything else. It was the work of a village and we made it fun! There were pretty tutus, crowns, necklace, bubble play, and pinata. Looking at everyone's happy faces especially hers, has brought me such joy and pride.
I love you my "not so little" ballerina.


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