Monday, November 28, 2011

An Interview With A Paperie Designer

Sopha & Co. have been contributing to the boutique paperie world of Indonesia for more than 3 years! The who's who behind this little studio is a lovable petite young mother called Diana Sopha. When our customers and friends visit our studio, they usually have more questions about Sopha & Co. than their paperie needs :D So, we've decided to do a mini interview with Diana to give us a glimpse of the Happy Go Lucky world of Sopha & Co. Enjoy reading the interview and if you do have any questions about us or paperies, don't hesitate to contact us! We love creating new friends and sharing knowledges!

Diana Sopha in her studio

Thank you for these questioners,... it makes me stop for a while, looked back and think and hope and dream and,... be thankful to God.

1. Tell us about how you started Sopha & Co.

I have always been strong in the arts & crafts area and have been making hand-made cards along with other nick-nacks since forever. 
Sopha & Co. was started shortly after we had Belle, our first born, because we needed extra money; but more than that I was looking for something I can be proud of that I can call MINE (and HIS..., but my name is on it—that was his idea) hehehehehe...
Back than, I used to have the computer in my bedroom so that I can work back and forth while being close to Belle. To initiate the business my parents agreed to back us up with the initial capital, and so the first Sopha & Co.'s card I designed was created on 23rd December 2008.

2. What are the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?

On the early days, Juan and I used to use our Sundays (the only family day we have) to drive around town (sometime out of town) to distribute our cards. 
Moreover, In the beginning up to recently, everything were mostly done by me. These include: design, marketing, production, distribution, billing, accounting, and many other endless tasks. Of course there are times when I felt like calling it OFF. In fact, I had one of those just a couple of months ago. 

In these past years I have finally found something I'm passionate about and that's important! Maybe that's what keeps me going. After all, nothing great were created in a instant, they can only be achieve with perseverance and love; so I choose to persevere and to love.

3. What are your dreams and hopes for the future of Sopha & Co.?

I'm inspired by smart and strong women such as: Martha Steward and Oprah for their courage to follow the path they believe in.
I hope that Sopha & Co. will always be the creative outlet where I can pour my ideas and bringing them to life.
It is my hope that we keep improving, inventing and perfecting our products that in turn will improve and contribute to the world.
It is my dream that someday soon Sopha & Co.'s products would be distributed and be known across the globe. 
As tiny as we are, I'm thankful to finally being able to be joined by a team and I'm hoping that our team will grow.

Lastly, to the two persons who have invested in me and my dream — I hope to make my parents very proud.

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