Sunday, November 6, 2011

Baby Manyue (One Month)

This special baby celebration is unique to the Chinese tradition. Where the Westerners throws baby showers before the birth of the baby, the Chinese celebrates one month after the baby is born. The traditional purpose of the celebration is to introduce the newborn to families and friends. Showing off how cute, chubby, wubbly and healthy the baby is :D

Why one month? There are several versions of answers to that question, but I like to think that both the mum and baby needs the rest after birthing and can't accept guests before then, let alone throw a party for the baby. Nowadays, the happy parents usually send out a parcel to friends and families to mark their baby's one month anniversary. 

What's inside the parcels you ask? Again, there are many variations but red-stained eggs and angku (turtle-back shaped rice cake filled with mungbean paste) are the two main stars of the package. These parcels are usually homemade by the celebrating family but thanks to today's convenience, there are many cake shops or catering companies that sells pre-packaged parcels and all we need to do is order.

At Sopha & Co., we like to reinterpret the traditional and take things to the next level. Here's our UNtraditional baby manyue parcel, consisting of: 

Jelly Pudding

Last but not least, of course you can have other items and have the box customized to your liking.

Contact us to discuss your baby's manyue parcel!

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