Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Shinkansen Party

Matthew visited Japan and with his love for speed he than feel in love with Shinkansen. Shinkansen is a high speed railroad train system in Japan. On his fifth birthday this theme from Sanrio were chosen to honor his infatuation with the speedy train.


  1. Love your Shinkansen party! My three year old loves this character and it's impossible to find stuff here . Do you have the templates available for sale?

    1. Hi there, please email me at: info@sophacompany.com ^^

  2. I too would like to know where you got the templates for all this. We live in Japan and my son wants his theme to be Shinkansen.

  3. Hi! I would love the templates for this as well, as my 3 year old wants a shinkansen party and finding anything in the states is very difficult!