Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Designer's Series Entry VINA INDRIANA

We had the pleasure to accommodate Vina as our very frist intern. Her passion for drawing is also her definite strength that should be further explored. I enjoy it the most when combining her illustrations with other detailed elements and work them into finished works. Some of those piece along with her other contributions will be produce as part of our future collections. Here are also some of her original works here at our studio. Way to go and thank you Vina!


Vina Indriana was born in August 3rd, 1991. A student of Tarumanagara University class of 2009, majoring in Visual Visual Communication Design at the faculty of Fine Arts and Design. Between her busy activity, she is also a freelance graphic designer who loves art and enjoys woking on her illustrations. Check out her daily design on and send her an email to

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