Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our Contributor: Rendy Ryanto

A heartfelt thanks to Rendy Ryanto who have contributed to our first photoshoot!
We first met Rendy when we hired him to be our Lightroom instructor and we instantly connected. 
We then shared our book project with him and asked him to come on board and contribute as a photographer.

Last weekend we did the 1st photoshoot and Rendy proved himself as a versatile and brilliant photographer who could take great pictures in any weather and work with anything from kids to food to landscape!

Aside from being a photographer, Rendy is also an avid videographer who makes videos that touches the heart and tells a visual story. For Rendy's great photography and video works, visit his websites:

Videography & other works @ RenRyan Vimeo

Photography @ Nueve Kids

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