Friday, October 7, 2011

DIY Sweet Paper Doily

Today we had fun trying to figure out how to make a DIY Paper Doily tutorial. It was our first time doing it and I was trying to figure out how to use this super cool SLR camera I borrowed from my brother-in-law. What's aperture? F-what? Which button Grace (my assistant)? hahahaha.... She knows better than I.

Finally we manage to get it done and post it for you guys... I think we did a pretty good job for first timers. Enjoy!!!

WHAT YOU NEED: color papers, scissors, x-acto knife, cutting matt, glue, ribbon/string

  1. You will need a square paper and fold it diagonally into triangle shape twice.
  2. Open the flaps and fold both flap outward once again into smaller triangle shape.
  3. Now you can start trimming parts of the edge of your triangle, but keep in mind that you need to leave enough so that when you open your triangle they still connect.
  4. To make smaller cuts within the triangle shape, use x-acto knife. Be creative and organic with it what you are doing. Don't  be afraid to make the cuts, it will look great anyway!
  5. Open the folds and... Viola!!  Do several more and attach them into a string to make a pretty garland.

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  1. We made that for our chtistmas party. The decoration made our white Christmas party so holly with a touch of white candles.